ReGrow Borneo

Country: Malaysia

The organisation

Regrow Borneo brings together scientific expertise and the wealth of local knowledge and experience of local community-based reforestation organisations.


Regrow Borneo reforests precious lowland tropical forests. These forests are made up of a patchwork of different soils and create a range of habitats that support a wide variety of wildlife and human interests. The complexity of these forests presents challenges and opportunities. By taking on these challenging locations, Regrow Borneo seeks to provide new scientific insights, which will deliver new models and approaches for forest restoration.


Regrow Borneo’s focus is on developing a model of reforestation that will benefit people, wildlife, and climate. In this sense, the aim is not to plant the highest number of trees, instead, plant trees where they are most needed. For Regrow Borneo, restoring a healthy hectare means planting local trees from a community nursery and maintaining them for at least three years. Without maintenance, monitoring, and sometimes replanting, natural processes such as flooding, or predation may not allow them to grow tall enough to survive.


Regrow Borneo

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