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Welcome to the EcoMatcher Academy, your one-stop shop to kick start your EcoMatcher journey. You’ll find short explainer videos / tutorials that should help you understand how to best leverage the EcoMatcher platform and solutions. Moreover, you also can find videos that hopefully inspire, such as ideas on how to leverage transparent tree-planting in your business, and last but not least, some interviews with some amazing farmers. We hope you enjoy the Academy. Happy learning!

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Video 1:

EcoMatcher, an Overview

New to EcoMatcher? This is your video! Learn what EcoMatcher can do for you. Ready to make a difference? [2 minutes]

Video 2:

Create an EcoMatcher Account

To track all your trees or make use of all tree gifting tools, you need an EcoMatcher account. Learn how to create one! [2 minutes]

Video 3:

Send trees to your customers or employees

Explore all online and integration tools EcoMatcher offers to send trees, including EcoMatchers API, WooCommerce and Shopify plugins. [3 minutes]

Video 4:

See how your recipients receive trees

Watch what the tree recipient will experience once she/he gets a tree, but also learn more about the customization possibilities. [2 minutes]

Video 5:

Learn how to send emails linked to trees

Learn how to send fully customised emails each linked to unique trees to your employees or customers. [3 minutes]

Video 6:

How to download an Excel with tree links

Learn how to download an Excel spreadsheet with tree links that you can use in your own marketing email system. [2 minutes]

Video 7:

An Example of a Redeem Page

This video shows you an example of how the redeem page feature of EcoMatcher works, both for desktop and mobile. [2 minutes]

Video 8:

Your Tree and Customize The TreeMarker

Learn How to Name Your Tree and Customize the Tree Pin(s)! [2 Minutes]

Video 9:

View Your trees, ESG Report, and more

Explore “My Account” where you can find all your trees, your forests, ESG, and insights report [2 minutes]

Video 10:

Customize your profile

Learn how to upload your logo, customize the tree marker, set your color, and enter your website and social media details. [2 minutes]

Video 11:

EcoMatcher’s Mobile App

Plant, track, gift, and learn everything about trees and sustainability on the go with the EcoMatcher app. [1 minute]

Video 12:

Learn How to Design and Download TreeCards

Learn how to design and download TreeCards, each linked via a unique QR code to one or more trees. [1 Minute]

Video 13:

Learn How to Generate QR Codes Linked to Trees

Learn how to generate unique QR codes each linked to one or more trees. Add such QR codes to your product or service! [1 Minute]

Video 14:

Register Your Trees

Learn how easy it is to register your tree(s), and what the benefits are of registering tree(s). [1 Minute]

Video 15:

Customize Your Giftbox

Learn what EcoMatcher’s giftbox is, how to select from various templates, and how to customize the giftbox. [1 Minute]

Video 16:

Explore EcoMatcher’s TreeTracker!

Learn all the cool features of TreeTracker, including how to name a tree, how to send a message to your planter, TreeChat, and ForestSounds. [2 minutes]

Video 17:

EcoMatcher app for Microsoft Teams

The EcoMatcher App enables a Microsoft Teams user to plant, track, learn, engage and share trees, and feel good about it. [2 minutes]

Video 18:


Learn everything about EcoTeams, including how to set up an EcoTeam, invite members, and more. [2 minutes]

Video 19:

Create Tree Gift Certificates

Learn how to easily generate beautiful Tree Gift Certificates, with each Certificate downloaded in a separate PDF! [2 minutes]

Introduction to EcoMatcher

Watch EcoMatcher’s “corporate trailer,” and learn everything about EcoMatcher [2 minutes].

I Have a Dream, by Elodie and Jack

Elodie and Jack expressing how young people and animals have a dream about a brighter and greener future.

[1.5 minute].

Why does transparency in the tree-planting matter?

Tree planting is not new, but transparent tree planting is; why does it matter [1 minute].

How your company can leverage tree-planting?

Learn how you can leverage and implement transparent tree planting in your business [1 minute].

4 reasons why tree-planting is important

Learn why tree planting is important. You may be surprised about the benefits [1 minute].

It’s time to turn the IPCC warnings into actions

4 actions we can take to help fight the climate crisis [1 minute].

What is a B Corporation?

EcoMatcher proudly is a Certified B Corporation. What does that mean [1 minute].

Meet the Heroes of EcoMatcher!

This video is a tribute to EcoMatcher’s Heroes: our tree planters; must watch! [1 minute].

How tree-planting empowers women | SDG 5

Learn how tree-planting helps provide economic opportunities to women around the world. [1 minute].

Agroforestry, farmers and the planet

What is agroforestry, and how does it help farmers and the planet. [1 minute].

Tree-planting and corporate gifting

4 Reasons why tree-planting is the best corporate gift. [1 minute].

What are the risks of planting non-native trees?

Not all #TreePlanting efforts have equal benefits to the environment. Make sure you invest in initiatives that plant native trees, at the right place and the right time. Here is why. [1 minute].

Planting in Madagascar

July, 2023

Meet our partner, Bôndy, and learn about their mission in Madagascar, and call for action. This video was produced by the Bôndy team! [1 minute].

Planting in Bhutan Part 2

June, 2023

Meet some farmers participating in the MyBhutan program, and learn about their lives and views on planting trees in Bhutan. [3 minutes].

Planting in Bhutan

May, 2023

Meet our partner, MyBhutan, and learn about the uniquenesses of Bhutan, the world’s only carbon-negative country. [3 minutes].

Planting in Thailand

April, 2023

EcoMatcher visiting its trusted tree-planting partner CNF in Thailand for a tree-planting spree!  [3 minutes].

Planting in Indonesia

January, 2022

EcoMatcher’s Tech Team planting trees with Trees4Trees, an impression [1 minute].

EMEG & Mangroves

October, 2022

Meet our partner, Emirates Marine Environmental Group, and how mangroves help the marine life  [3 minutes].

Interview with Jesse!

December, 2019

Meet Jesse (and his amazing kids!), tree planter and partner of Tree Adoption Uganda [3 minutes].

Interview with Ruth!

December, 2019

Meet Ruth, an amazing mother, and active tree planter, like Jesse, also part of the Tree Adoption Uganda program [2 minutes].

Interview with Ngor!

September, 2019

Meet Ngor, an active partner of the Conserve Natural Forest program in beautiful Pai, Northern Thailand [2 minutes].

Interview with Sitaram!

January, 2020

Meet Sitiram, the man leading New Growth’s tree planting activities in the amazing Himalayas of Nepal [2 minutes].

Interview with Urmila!

January, 2020

Meet Urmila, tree planter and farmer in the Himalayas. Learn from her why tree planting is so important [2 minutes].

Interview with Rey!

October, 2019

Meet forester Rey, the man leading in the Philippines the tree planting activities of FEED [2 minutes].

Interview with Pak Sri!

October, 2016

Meet Pak Sri, partner of the Trees4Trees program in Indonesia [2 minutes].

A day with a tree planter – Part 1

July, 2019

Mini-Series on tree planter Pak Parjono, where you can learn everything about his family, life, and his amazing work.

A day with a tree planter – Part 2

July, 2019

Mini-Series on tree planter Pak Parjono, where you can learn everything about his family, life, and his amazing work.

A day with a tree planter – Part 3

July, 2019

Mini-Series on tree planter Pak Parjono, where you can learn everything about his family, life, and his amazing work.

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