Country: Madagascar

The organisation

Bôndy was founded with the crazy idea of helping Madagascar change its nickname from ‘red island’ to ‘green island.’ Indeed, Madagascar is known worldwide for having fantastic fauna and flora, but deforestation and climate change have significantly impacted the country.


In 2021, the UN declared the first famine in Madagascar, 100% due to climate change, impacting millions of lives.


At Bôndy, we know that Madagascar will need a lot of help to get back on its feet. We are committed to doing the most we can with a long-term vision by conceiving a concrete plan to plant and protect trees and educate communities about the benefits of environmental consciousness.


Before becoming operational, we decided to take our time to create a model that would fit Madagascar. We carefully analyzed the situation in the country and used this information to develop robust solutions by developing:


  1. A technical department with engineers of different backgrounds that will bring their expertise, develop solutions, analyze soils, forecast meteorological previsions, monitor all projects, and work closely with the local universities.
  2. An operational department responsible for the well-being of our tree nurseries and all reforestation projects.
  3. A social department whose mission is to understand the needs of the local populations, for us to develop efficient plans helping us gain their confidence.
  4. An approach where we operate with rural populations to make sure that they will be the first ones benefiting from our actions. We plant trees on their lands based on their needs, and we make sure to bring high valued species so that they will protect them in the long term.


Join our mission! It’s only together that we will make Madagascar green again!


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