Integrate with EcoMatcher’s API and automate tree gifting.

  • Link your platform to EcoMatcher by API

  • Build some trees’ stock in your account

  • Gift trees automatically and save time

Integrate with EcoMatcher’s

API and automate tree gifting

EcoMatchers offers an API that enables you to link your digital platform to EcoMatcher. Through the API, your system can ask e.g. for trees which then can be used in your system, so no separate emails with spreadsheets! If you have an online payment system for your products, you can opt to integrate trees to your check out, so your customers can decide to add trees increasing your revenues but also improving your contribution to a greener world.

Step by step


1. Enter your company information

In this step, you can enter all your brand details, like the company logo, website address, and social media accounts that will be linked to the trees and will be visible in TreeTracker.


2. Send API key request

Send our team an API key request by clicking “contact us”. We will review your profile and prepare an API key for you.


3. Need help?

In case you have any issues, please contact us. We can help with anything, including how to integrate and how the workflow should look like. Your success is our success!