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Posted on 2023-11-22

Elevate the impacts of events and conferences with Scan2Plant

Hong Kong, November 22, 2023 — EcoMatcher, a leading global green-tech company committed to combating deforestation and promoting sustainable practices, is thrilled to unveil its ground-breaking latest innovation, Scan2Plant, designed to elevate the impact of events and conferences to help foster a greener planet. With Scan2Plant, event and…

Posted on 2023-09-18

All You Need to Know about Digital Pollution

Discover the hidden side of our digital world! 🌐💻 Ever wondered where all that ‘cloud’ data lives? Not in the sky, but energy-hungry data centers. Digital pollution, from e-waste to carbon emissions, is real. Learn how individuals and organizations can fight it. 🌍🌳  Imagine this: You’re scrolling through…

Posted on 2023-06-02

Cost-effective steps towards a greener life: Reducing your carbon footprint

John, a hardworking parent, and an environmental enthusiast, pondered how he could align his eco-friendly aspirations with his budget constraints. He worried that adopting a greener lifestyle would add an extra financial burden to his tight budget. However, he was pleasantly surprised when he learned…

Posted on 2023-05-09

EcoMatcher launches the next generation of the “Tree” App for Microsoft Teams

Hong Kong, May 9, 2023 – EcoMatcher is launching the EcoMatcher App for Teams 2.0, introducing white labeling, notifications, and carbon calculation. The EcoMatcher App for Teams can be found in Microsoft’s AppSource under the industry category Sustainability.  The App brings the benefits of tree-planting directly…

Posted on 2023-04-07

Creating Brand Love in Business Customers

Consumer behavior trends continue to change. As a bystander, it is interesting to watch new customer preferences unfold. It is more daunting than enjoyable for companies because a new change equals an overhauled strategy that can set them up for success or pull shutters down. …