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Posted on 2023-09-18

All You Need to Know about Digital Pollution

Discover the hidden side of our digital world! 🌐💻 Ever wondered where all that ‘cloud’ data lives? Not in the sky, but energy-hungry data centers. Digital pollution, from e-waste to carbon emissions, is real. Learn how individuals and organizations can fight it. 🌍🌳  Imagine this: You’re scrolling through…

Posted on 2023-02-11

The Role of Renewable Energy

As the world moves towards a low-carbon economy, the need for clean and sustainable energy sources has never been greater. Climate change threatens not just the environment but also everything that depends on it: human and animal health, food and water security, and economic stability,…

Posted on 2022-03-22

A Guide to Carbon Calculation and Offsetting

Global CO2 emissions have increased from 2 billion tons in 1900 to a staggering 36.5 billion tons in 2018, equalling 4.07 metric tons CO2 for the global average carbon footprint per capita. While it’s easy to read such data and largely stay distant from the issue, it is…

Posted on 2021-11-04

From Beer to Ironing Shirts: The Carbon Footprint of Daily Activities

Think about a pizza. What do you imagine? The flavors, for one. Perhaps the ingredients and what you could order to accompany that pizza. Where you might order it from, or whether you can make it yourself at home. Whatever it is, we can guess…

Posted on 2021-06-09

What Does it Mean to Live a Net Zero Carbon Lifestyle?

When you look at numbers around climate change, the chances of understanding them are probably slim. They feel abstract and far removed, especially if they’re on a global scale. Unfortunately, that’s preventing us from making massive and necessary changes to bring climate change under control….

Posted on 2019-11-13

The Basics of a Carbon Footprint

With climate change issues taking over government agendas, and sustainable development goals being given the topmost priority by individuals and corporates alike, the term “carbon footprint” has gained incredible traction over the past couple of years. Carbon footprints are essentially used to denote the full…

Posted on 2019-11-07

What is Sustainable Tourism?

An ever-evolving and rapidly growing industry, there seems to be no place in the world that remains untouched as far as tourism is concerned. Where tourism helps in generating local revenue and also acts as a catalyst in the growth of the local economy, it…

Posted on 2019-10-09

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Team

In the general global goals for sustainable development, reducing or erasing the carbon footprint of an organisation ranks high. However, that’s easier said than done, when there is panoply of factors and individuals to consider. The carbon footprint of a company is the measurement of how…

Posted on 2019-08-05

How to calculate CO2 sequestration

A key “feature” of a tree is that trees sequester carbon –  the process of removal and long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere. EcoMatcher and its tree-planting partners estimate that the trees planted sequester CO2 at an average of 25 kilos per tree…

Posted on 2017-06-20

Does Planting Trees Match the Requirements of Additionality or Not?

We recently receive questions about the additionality of planting trees in general and through EcoMatcher specifically. One reason for this seems to be the publication of results of a research by the European Union on the additionality of carbon offset programs. This research, concluded that…